Personal Loan

We provide personal loan options for a variety of items such as value added products, bicycles, phones, boats, and vehicle maintenance and parts through our personal loan partners.

Get a personal Loan

Cash when you need it most

Taking out a personal loan is a short-term financial relief for some, but it can also be so much more. EJS Finance advises its clients in circumstances where a little extra financial help can go a long way. Whether you are buying a car and an extended warranty cannot be financed, or you wish to purchase a service plan or any other value added product, you can finance these with a personal loan. Avoid getting stuck with unplanned and unaffordable car repairs or damages and buy your own peace of mind.
If you want it, you can finance it with a personal loan, and that can be anything from buying that pre-owned road bicycle you’ve always wanted that the bank won’t finance, or buying a new dishwasher and fridge.
EJS Finance is compliant with the National Credit Act, and we keep our clients’ best interests at heart. All personal loans are subject to credit approval through our personal loan partners.