Commercial insurance vs Personal insurance

Choosing the right insurance can mean the difference between disaster and relief. There are many kinds of insurance policies you can opt for, each serving its own specific purpose. It’s impossible to discuss them all in this blog alone, so we’ll take a closer look at two of the most common categories of insurance: personal and commercial.



What is personal insurance?


Personal insurance encompasses a wide range of coverage plans you can choose to take on. These policies are designed to help you financially in the case of a disaster, whether it be theft, damage or loss of the valuables you’ve insured.

There are too many personal insurance products to count; they’re all designed to protect you in some way or the other by providing coverage for your home, your car, your rental property, and any other asset that you may own. From health insurance to disability and long-term care insurance, the options are truly vast for you to choose from.

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What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance is like the big daddy of personal insurance; while the latter provides coverage for you person, commercial insurance is all about covering your business and its assets. There are several kinds of commercial insurance policies you can use to protect your business, choosing the right plans is just a matter of knowing what your business needs.

The most common policies for many businesses are property, liability and workers’ compensation. These three kinds of insurance plans insure businesses for many things, such as damage, loss, job related injuries, and damage to third parties.

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